• http://vivbizclub.com/blog/2010/07/12/recycle-styrofoam/ dinesh

    Hey Tim – Have you seen the “Care to Air” campaign that Levi’s and MyooCreate and running? It’s pretty cool. Essentially MyooCreate is helping Levi’s crowdsource innovative air drying solutions for clothing – http://myoocreate.com/challenges/care-to-air-design-challenge and rewarding the winning design with a $10k prize.

    I’ve got a friend who’s helping them out with it and they’ve gotten some pretty good press recently. Could be cool to submit some of those “ideas for clotheslines & drying racks” into the mix.

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    i love is information , thank you Timothy Hurst.

  • Soha Eldeeb

    we’ve never owned a dryer. I grew up in kuwait, the temperatures reach 50C at noontime. so air drying the clothes was much much faster then any super dryer ^_^

    also, this way i am able to check every piece after the washing machine.