• http://greenhome.huddler.com Cristina F

    That’s so funny! My mom’s been doing that for as long as I can remember but she just uses the wooden spoons/utensils that stand up out of a jar on her kitchen counter.

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  • Sarah

    I love this! I was just looking at the manufactured one on gaiam thinking it was a clever product but could probably be made for little to nothing out of things around the house. I hadn’t gotten so far as to figure out what though, so I love seeing your design. I’m trying to figure out a clothes dryer now…was looking for a bamboo one rather than a new wooden one, but haven’t found one yet. Any ideas?? thanks!

  • http://thegreenroom1.blogspot.com Lucy

    This is great. I’ve started doing this too! Not only do I feel good about finding another green thing to do but I’m saving money too!!

    Thanks for writing about it!


  • http://green-house-healing.com Nic O’Reilly

    A cool way to reuse plastic bags.

    I have gone a step further and now just use paper bags. They cost heaps less than the plastic bags, and once they cannot be reused I just put them in with my compost!

  • Cheryn

    Wow! The wheel has just been invented. I’ve been doing this for so long I can’t even remember when I started-maybe when I started using zip lock bags! I use whatever is around to try them, wooden spoons sticking out of the utensil drain in the drying rack, etc. Of course some fools will spend $20 to get a \state-of-the-art\ bag dryer! Go figure….

  • http://condo-blues.blogspot.com Condo Blues

    I’ve been washing and reusing zip lock bags forever. I washing them by turning them inside out and putting them in the top rack of my dish washer. Then I dry them on chopsticks in the silverware holder of my dish rack in my sink.

  • http://oldfashionedgirl83.blogspot.com Amanda

    A friend and I were discussing this recently. She does it the way her mom does–she washes the bags, and then pops them in the freezer. When you take them out, you just shake out the ice. I’ve just started doing this, and it works well.

  • Haruna

    My mom has always rinsed out and reused the gallon and quart bags because they are more durable and more expensive. However, wouldn’t rinsing out sandwich bags waste a lot of water and significantly cut into the savings? While I think it is worth sacrificing the water for the sake of keeping the plastic out of the landfill, I don’t believe this is a real source of savings. Reusing plastic bags should be a common practice, but I think people should be aware that the impact would be much more significant to the environment than to their wallet.

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  • Dawn

    We used an old hanger and tied off clothes drying pins with fishline to the hanger. Then all we need to do is hang each baggie upside down from the clothes pin. Usually dry in a day, even in cold weather- although we do live in CA.

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  • http://meyeco.wordpress.com meyeco

    When thinking about bringing snacks there aren’t too many options besides plastic bags. Sure, you can reuse those bags, but once there’s a hole, the bags prove useless. We’ve decided to rethink the concept, and sew snack bags from old cloth. I decided to splurge on some some bright orange 2 millimeter cord and a barrel lock for $0.99, but as I said I decided to splurge.

    By the way, whenever we do obtain plastic bags, we always reuse ‘em until they are “hole-y,” but we rinse them and then hang them from a string with a cloths pen. The tennis ball looks cool, but I like to play tennis, and my dog likes to play with tennis balls too..

  • Sue

    I am now using a beautiful small vase given to me by one of my children with the bamboo scewers and it works great. Thanks for the idea.

  • http://dvortygirl.blogspot.com/ Dvortygirl

    I haven’t used plastic sandwich bags at all, in a long time (though I sometimes wash other bags). For sandwiches, I use a 2-cup square plastic container that gets washed with the other dishes when it comes home. I’ve seen reusable sandwich wrappers too, but with a box, the sandwich doesn’t get squished. There are bitty plastic containers that are excellent for salad dressings, single-serve portions of trail mix, and just about anything else.

    I put peels, cores, and other vegetable waste back in these containers and bring them home to compost.

    Toss in a cloth napkin (hint: doubles as a place mat) and some real-but-mismatched utensils (from garage sales, just in case they get lost or damaged) and it’s possible to pack a lunch box so that nothing ends up in the trash can. Besides, it’s a lot more elegant than eating out of baggies.

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  • http://www.dogfoodcontainer.org/ dog food container

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  • O

    Why not use plastic sandwich boxes that you can wash and reuse over and over and save yourself the expense of buying those bags??? You can throw the box into the dishwasher or wash it quickly by hand.