• http://vivbizclub.com dinesh

    Wow – thanks for the shout out Becky!

    Further on the “less meat” front, let me suggest a simple baby step for any SF Bay Area readers.

    Head over to Ike’s Place (you know, the cultural mecca of sandwiches in San Francisco) and pick up a “Meatless Mike”.

    It’s a meatball sandwich that is 100% vegan. I probably would never have given it a shot except that my mother recently became a vegan so I’ve been branching out.

    Honestly though, it’s probably the tastiest meatball sandwich I’ve ever had… and it’s vegan. Wild. If you’re in SF, go get one right now!… seriously.

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky Striepe

      Of course! Thanks for the great, useful comments. Next time I make it out to San Francisco, I’ll have to check this sandwich place out.

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  • http://student.ipb.ac.id yohan

    i like that

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