• http://vivbizclub.com/ jenny

    “Refashioning” or “Upcycling” is definitely the new way to go. I live in San Francisco, where generally everything tends to be more expensive, and as green-minded girl that loves to constantly update her wardrobe, I have to be conscious of 1) how much I’m spending and 2) how my spending is impacting the environment.

    I love Goodwill and any sort of second hand store. There’s an endless amount of clothes being donated and great vintage looks, alike Marisa’s, that can easily be transformed into something styllin’. I love to be crafty and when I can recreate or bring to life an old piece of clothing, it is extremely gratifying, especially hearing the compliments!

    Thrifting and Refashioning are some of my favorite ways to be green. I can honestly say that I rarely find myself shopping for new clothing from traditional retail stores – and I’ve never looked better!

    Thanks for the cool read Becky!