• Sabrina Ahmed

    I think it’s great that this site chose to highlight a unique way to re-create old clothing using eco-friendly dies! It puts a whole new spin on the three R’s! As a member of the Green community, I think it is important that we do everything we can to share and exchange ideas and resources with the hope that we may provide someone else the information that will inspire them to reduce their carbon imprint on the world. Having said that I would like to share a resource that I have found to be irreplaceable.

    http://www.greeneutopia.com has been abundantly helpful in educating myself and my family on what we can do as individuals to help preserve our Earth’s resources for further generations. They have volumes of enlightening information on current Green issues and Ideas and even an online store that sells it’s own line of Green and sustainable products at very affordable rates. I must say that they have saved me a lot of money on things that I would have bought elsewhere for more. I hope that this resource is as beneficial to your family as it has been for mine.

    Good Luck and Go Green!

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    hello mam/sir,

    Iam jyoti lives in INDIA.I am studying M.B.A(MASTER DEGREE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION).I HAVE GONE THROUGH YOUR NEW CONCEPT(Recycles Old Idea To Create Sustainable Textiles).trust me i love this concept,and i would like to work with you as an intern.i believe if you train me as an intern your concept will get more exposure .people will get to know about this.

    i really want to work with you.looking forward for your reply

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  • Jule Quent

    Exactly what I used to be searching for, regards for putting up.

  • Pomegranate trees

    My main concern is with things like pomegranate dying and other natural dye that the color would wash out pretty easily…http://agardeninthecity.com/?p=40