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    This idea is definitely more appropriate than some shopkeepers using paper bags instead of plastic bags and thinking that they have evolved in terms of being ‘green’. Yes, mason jars may seem a very utilitarian form of packaging but it does serve the purpose of making a quick, clean packing medium and definitely scores on the green index.

  • http://vivbizclub.com jenny

    i love it when people re-use mason jars – they always add a rustic and vintage charm. though this isn’t the most practical way to package everything (mostly because of the weight it adds), it’s smart and creative. and yes, they are great to use at home for many different things!

    sustainable packaging is a big issue with me – i am easily turned off brands that use massive amounts of excess packaging for no good reason. whenever i can, i try and reduce extra packaging – ie. i don’t need my clothes wrapped in tissue paper before they’re put in a paper bag. i usually carry a big enough purse (or a cloth shopping bag) to carry items i buy.

    rock on asheville! definitely at the forefront of the green movement – and i’d have to say one of the most beautiful places in the nation.

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