• http://www.inquisitiverobin.com Robin

    I’ve just signed up – I just need other people in my area to sign up. I posted it on Facebook, and here’s hoping!

    I live near my parents, so actually posted everything THEY have because they’ve been collecting “stuff” for 30+ years! And it’s stuff that hardly gets used, but other people COULD use it. What a great idea.

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky

      Awesome!! I’m glad you found it useful…I hope it grows!

  • http://www.sharesomesugar.com Keara


    Thanks for the great article! It’s amazing how much energy and raw material goes into every single thing that we consume! We often don’t think about the manufacturing of the goods, just the options for end of life, ‘is it recyclable’? We now have over 6200 items on the site and thousands of members and growing fast!


    Glad that you joined our community! I’m happy to help you with ways to spread the word and create a sharing community in your neighborhood!

    Founder, Share Some Sugar