• John

    What happens whey you want to move it?

  • *sigh*


    …you don’t, idiot.

  • (a different) John

    @ ‘Sigh’

    I doubt he was serious.

    For someone of such obviously superior intellect, you should really be more patient with the mere mortals

  • (a different) John

    cool chair, btw!

  • http://lifeandlawns.com Allyn

    Yeah, I thought the first John’s question was kinda funny my-own-self.
    So maybe I wouldn’t wanna sit on that that chair just after a hard rain eh?

  • John (original)

    Ok, I am a little worried that not everyone picked up on my sarcasm. Thanks (A Different) John! I won’t hold it against you, as my wife keeps reminding me, there is a chance that my sense of humor is not as funny as I think.

    No, I wouldn’t want to sit on it after a hard rain, and I wouldn’t want to have to mow it.

  • Arlisvdv

    Actually, since the chair is above the surrounding soil I would expect it to dry fairly quickly.

    Forget mowing. Weedwhack it. Think of it as sculpting (The Tom Sawyer method of yard work). ;-)

  • Jamee`

    Ow Charlie !!!

  • http://www.brooksvillecomputer.com David

    Ok, so what happens when fireants move in? …when a gopher decides to finish up the back door of his burrow and pushes through the dirt while sitting back enjoying a nice beer? …after it rains and it’s dry, your wife sits down just starting to doze off, but worms decide it’s safe to come to the surface just where she has her hand on the armrest? …beetles decide it’s a good place to lay eggs so their grubs can grow? …you sit on it a few times suddenly realize that all of your clothes somehow became grass stained? …your neighbor’s goat escapes and decides your chair looks pretty good? …your DOG escapes and thinks your chair looks better than a fire hydrant? …an errant golf ball lands on it and the cleat wearing golfer with a nine iron decides to play through? …you fall asleep on it and a newt decides your ear is a nice warm place safe place to make a home? …you wake up in bed one morning after a few weeks of relaxing in the chair and find you suddenly have weeds growing in your hair? …I got a million of ‘em!

  • Andrew

    that was lame

  • http://barnabashelmy.com sarbanharble

    It would really suck to upgrade when the neighbors decided to build lawn sofa.

  • Max Kleiber

    To me, this looks very like there is a section of grass-type outdoor carpeting draped over the wooden form.
    Using that as the assumption, moving the chair would not be a problem, nor would any of the other possible downside possibilities..

  • Newman~

    I hike and hunt and this looks like a great idea for a rest spot and a hunting blind. Thanks for the idea!

  • marilync

    @ David…

    get over it………..

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  • Rishel

    @ David

    Dude, chill. I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t make such a fuss over a plain old sit on the lawn, yet those are all still possibilities, chair or not. Don’t think of it so much as a stationary chair made of dirt and grass. Think of it more as a raised spot in the yard that’s conviniently shaped to sit on.

    In the mean time, I’m waiting for a couch model!

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