• Mike Wadas

    I subscribed to GreenUpgrader.

    Hello, my name is Mike Wadas, and I work at Home Depot. I have recently (near the end of last year) started a recycling program. It has bothered me for sometime that our store throws away so much that could be recycled, that I took the initiative to build recycling bins in every corner of the store (including the break room), and I take our plastic bags to Giants food market for recycling.

    Since I started the recycling program I probably saved a (large) trash compactor full of recyclable bottles, and about 10 large bags full of plastic shopping bags.

    The program is going great, and I pat myself on the back when I can, but there is still more to be done.

    On a side note I am planting 5 trees on Earth Day!!

    Do your part for Mother Earth!!

  • Felicia Peck

    I “like” green upgrader on facebook (and in real life too). My office isn’t doing anything to reduce wasted energy – except a couple of us have put out signs to turn off the lights and brought in boxxes to encourage recycling. If I won this computer I think I’d have to decorate it with green leaves around the monitor as a way of saying hint hint nudge nudge to all the folks around me who are using disposable water bottles and then throwing them in the trash instead of the recycling.

  • scott shulimson

    I have become a fan of GreenUPGRADER. I would much prefer using a nontoxic and efficient computer such as this instead of the cheap and toxic computer I had planned to buy for my office. Our office needs to turn more lights off and do more recycling.

  • Tim Hurst

    Thanks for your input, everyone, good stuff. Entries will be accepted until 6 p.m. PDT on Thursday April 22. And the winner will actually be drawn on Friday morning some time. Stay tuned to this thread for updates.

  • Tim Hurst

    Okay, the drawing will be broadcast live from Earth & Industry/West in Colorado on Friday at 1:30pm EDT/10:30 am PDT at:


    Please join me and my newbie broadcasting skills, won’t you?

  • Tim Hurst

    The winner: Felicia Allegra Peck

  • http://earthandindusustry.com ernestine turner

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    consiter my name i am unemployed right now,thank you and god bless you.

  • Ashraf Uddin

    I’m Ashraf,I am really feeling very great to know that What GreenUpgrader is doing the efforts to make the Environment a better.It’s a really hard work to do but still when we see atleast there is some people to care to keep our world green that lets other people inspired.It’s really a good job.
    Thank you