• Jimmy

    You can’t go wrong with the growler. When mine isn’t filled with beer I use it as my daily water bottle.

  • http://www.tracemedia-search-marketing.com anubhav kapoor

    I had heard about organic wines and a bit about beer making going the same way but your post is much more informative than whatever little I had understood and it makes a lot of sense too. A simply way to put this would be than since beer is essentially a brewed product, it can easily attain a higher degree of green performance…nice one!!

  • http://wolmahgrowlers.com Eric Hamlow

    The history keeps on repeating, it saves a lot of money for those breweries to supply brews.

    I have over 100 growlers, collection is the reason. Sometimes I encountered breweries which doesn’t sell growlers, I just bring in my other growlers to fill.

    That is the proper attitude of the business to refill any growlers. The sole purpose of a growler. :)

    Nice article.