• http://terry.cabeen.net Terry

    While I respect what you’re doing, here, I think you could have made a much more fair comparison.

    Yes, the MPGs were better on the HF.
    Yes, the new Civics are heavier and have more room.
    No, these two cars are not comparable.

    The Honda Civic HF was actually a CR-X, which is a two-seater. If you want to compare that to a modern Honda, may I suggest the previous generation Honda Insight. It’s a hybrid. The only gas-powered 2-seater that Honda makes these days is the S2000, and that isn’t a fair comparison at all (25 MPG). :)

    A more fair comparison for the current Civic coupe would be the old Civic coupe. The 1987 (your year of choice) with the best gas mileage is here:

    39 highway MPG is maybe less impactful than the 54 MPG car you found, but it’s still a very respectable number.

    Since you speak of personal experience, I’ll share mine.
    I used to have a 1988 Honda Civic DX hatchback. I got really good gas mileage with it (mid 30s). My current car is a 2009 Honda Fit sport. If I drive responsibly, I can get as much as 38 MPG out of it. It is certainly heavier than my old Civic, but that weight gets me insanely good crash test ratings.

    I miss the old cars. They were terrific. But I wouldn’t feel safe putting my child in an 88 Civic on today’s roads. I’m fatigued by the hybrid and alternative fuel wars. So I follow your argument, and I support it wholeheartedly. I just think this particular example is a little misleading.

  • http://www.thegoodhuman.com David

    However, you cannot compare a hybrid to a regular engine car. Since Honda doesn’t make a high mileage “regular” engine car anymore (the Fit does well, but not that well for most people), we had to look at the best they did back then and the best they do now. And sadly, they did better 20 years ago than they do in 2010 for people who want affordable, good MPG cars without having to buy a hybrid.

  • Sam A

    Honda is actually recreating a two seat car, the CR-Z. It’s a small ‘sporty’ hybrid which is a 2+2 seater. Which means 2 seater and the ability to squeeze people in the back seat. 1.5 liter engine that gives the combined power with the electric drive which is equal to 1.8 liter.

    Also honda is currently testing a fuel cell system which basically is a fuel cell car that will come with a personal hyrollisizer so you can use your own solar array to make hydrogen to fuel your own vehicle. This technology is really the way to move forward with but, distributed infrastructure has yet to happen and I’m sure many big industry interests will be avidly against it.

    And these are some great examples from honda but other companies are working on similiar alternative energy cars as well. Nissan is due to release the Leaf soon, the first big production all electric car in quite a while.

  • http://www.planetvarner.com Kevin Varner

    I took my 5 year old son to the Orange County Auto Show last year and he was playing with the Honda interactive touch screen exhibit when he tapped 1984 and a screen popped up saying Honda produces first car with EPA fuel economy rating over 50 mpg. Over 25 years ago, I know it wasn’t a priority anymore shortly after as gas prices fell, but it still amazes me with the exceeding giant leaps in technology, we couldn’t achieve better fuel economy, safety and reasonable size in concert with one another.