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    Then where do the contaminants go? The landfill? Too bad tis isn’t ready to be used in Australia to clean up the barrier reef from the Chinese ships oil spill!

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    This sounds like the answer..What great news. I paint paradise and it has no pollutants it is what the world is suppose to be. Heaven on Earth..we are here now and living in paradise now. CLEAN IT UP~~Yay! If we can all work together we can do it. They can make plastic from hemp that dissolves. We must make hemp legal and use all the products from it. Fuel, building materials, medicine..over 25,000 products. Washington and Jefferson grew it!! Material..clothes. Paper..not cutting down all the trees. It is the answer! Plus making it legal to smoke for people over 21 same as alchohol. Hope all Californians vote yes on legalazation in November!! No more prohibition. This really can change the world if it can be legalized for eveything.

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