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  • http://theomessenger.blogspot.com/ Theo

    I use old Styrofoam boxes for my garden beds, the kind that Broccoli and fish go to the supermarket in. I pull them out of the bin behind the shop so they’re free, and I put holes in the side to make ‘wicking’ beds, but you could put them in the bottom to make a more traditional pot if you prefer. I also used them to make worm farms and I’m going to make a ‘soldier-fly larvae colector’ out of one next week (I’m in Australia, so SFL are a great way to get food for ducks, chicken and fish).
    My boxes are super strong, and I can move them where ever I want.

    • http://glueandglitter.com/main Becky Striepe

      Very cool idea, Theo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/J-Scott-Lewis/501347795 J Scott Lewis

    I use old bookcases that are falling apart. Take off the back, screw in the shelves for support, place it on its back, fill and plant. Makes a great raised bed with no waste! The shelves make perfect dividers for different crops, or to let my children have as their personal garden space!

    • Shirley

      this is a fantastic idea

  • Danny Wimpey

    I found some large wooden boxes that had been used to store tiles. After filling in the gaps in the sides with pallet wood I lined them with double layers of old shade netting, filled them with compost from my compost heap and they have been growing spinach, carrots, chard, rocket, parsley, sage, radish, peas and beans for three years now. I have had to top up the levels once. I rotate the crops from box to box, legumes in one box and then the other on alternate years. All it cost is the cost of the seeds. And after the first year I didn’t need them either…They sit outside my kitchen door, waiting for me to come and pick them.