• http://ecomaidsofla.com/blog Alicia

    As green as i try to be, i have a hard time remembering to unplug the items that I am not using…especially my cell phone and ipod chargers. Hopefully they have one that will fit my phone because I’m sure it will pay itself off in energy savings over time.

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  • http://www.firkloever.dk Sara Dagraca

    Who would have thought that mobiles phones would revolutionize the world in such two short decades? From the size of a toaster just a few years ago to sophisticated communication devices with amazing functionalities.

  • http://www.MarkWarner2008.com Marlon

    I know that leaving any adapters or phone chargers on the wall will still continue to consume electricity considering that the adapter converts the AC power to DC power which charge or powers your devices.

  • http://bit.ly/cFBuis Calandra Cudworth

    Have a shot at & Keep your iPad for Cost-free! -> http://bit.ly/cFBuis

  • http://lingerie.entertainmentshopping.com.au Anna Cook

    Interesting technology, have to admit I’d never heard the term ‘vampire power’ before! Thanks Becky

  • http://xxonoxx.com Valentina Demarinis

    It seems like you are producing difficulties your self by wanting to solve this concern rather than searching at why their is often a issue within the very first location.