• http://glueandglitter.com/ Becky Striepe

    This is awesome!! I’ve always had a nagging part of me that was bothered by the petroleum in faux leather. So glad to see a designer thinking the same way!!

  • Tierra Chapman

    Olsen’s is a noble enterprise to be sure, and I commend the designer for her efforts. That said, this stiletto is no more healthy for a woman’s feet than the leather or petroleum version. But I realize that there is a fashionable niche for such designs. What many Vegan women,(and men)NEED, however, are ATTRACTIVE as well as SENSIBLE shoes. That’s what I’m looking for and that’s what I’ll be spending my money on – and I have the budget to do so! Not all of us want, or are even able to wear such abominations to the feet and therein lies your true market.