• http://blog.k12.com/ Melissa King

    Wow! Wish I had known about this company a year ago when we were building our house. Where do they advertise and market their products? I haven’t heard of IceStone, but it sounds excellent. It’s impressive that the company will take back and reuse their own surfaces when customers are ready to renovate. Too bad more manufacturers don’t see the wisdom of grinding down and re-forming “old” materials into brand new counter tops. This is truly a company that embodies green principles. Thanks for sharing!

  • lache

    Those are superb. I work at a paper shredding services fort lauderdale based company, and i love to know that every day i save some trees, but i wouldn’t mind to work for IceStone. I think they create art.

  • jane deaton

    I’ve seen IceStone and I love it, but the cabinet company I’m working with has had problems with shipping breakage of the product. I’m getting a new kitchen island and want something like Ice Stone for the surface. Can you offer a suggestion? thanks

  • Meld usa

    Meld USA makes Eco concrete counters as well…. No breakage problems too!

  • http://icestone.biz Brenna

    Thank you all for commenting on IceStone!

    Jane Deaton- I would love to know the cabinet company and where they are located so we could reach out and see what issues they are having with breakage and possibly offer some suggestions.

    IceStone, LLC
    Customer Service