• Jon Beckham

    Cool use for some hooch!

    I’d be interested to know how green major distillers are. The process of growing potatoes/grain/etc, squishing it up with hot water, letting it sit around for a while, and then repeatedly boiling the good stuff into separation isn’t very energy-efficient. I know my gas bill would go up a lot if I ever got around to buying that … water distilling system I’ve been looking at.

    • http://glueandglitter.com Becky

      Interesting point, Beckham!

      PS – If you ever do get a….water distilling system…I’d love to be a taste tester!

  • http://solar.calfinder.com/blog Taylen

    vodka has so many amazing uses, besides making me [think i'm] superman! the list of possibilities just keeps growing

  • barbara

    some wicked good vodka with a sustainable foundation


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