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    Environmentally friendly wovenwickercoffins or biodegradable caskets.
    We specialize in wicker coffins or bamboo coffins(online http://www.wovenwickercoffins.com ) .Our coffins support the weight attains 300 KG,all of them are environmental protection.We have about ten kinds of different styles,our coffins are protected by a Patent of the China republic.The wicker can be easily biodegradable,and friendly with environment.The United States is a nation that pays attention to an environmental protection very much.As more and more American families and communities look for eco-friendly solutions to everything in life, we provide fitting tributes to those choosing to honor their environmentally conscious lifestyle at the time of their death.

    Environmentally Friendly Coffins Or Biodegradable Casket Features:

    Each one of our coffins has been beautifully and caringly hand woven by one of our skilled basket makers, making each coffin unique and special.
    Wicker is one of the few truly environmentally renewable resources. Our wicker products are hand made in china from material grown and cropped in licensed plantations.

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