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    Hey there, love the post! My name is Heather Colvin and I am the editor for a company called Green Monkey, a yoga and Balanced Living company based out of Miami. We put together a monthly mailer on health, wellness and sustainable living and I ran across your blog. We are looking for writers for our April guide, which is based all around sustainable living. If you would be interested in contributing content we would love to feature you. Please feel free to email me at heather@greenmonkey.net if you are interested in writing for us and we can discuss details. Thanks!


  • sslopes

    I am so glad you wrote about this! I have been furious over the false marketing of cornstarch disposables. They are only compostable in commercial composters, which very few counties have. Not only is it misleading but it is promoting bio-engineered corn and all the inherent problems. I am glad to hear about an alternative but I still think reusing is the best way to go.
    Thank you!

  • http://www.britesprite.co.uk Chris Milton

    Wasn’t aware of the corn starch thing .. thank you!

    However I’m with you when it comes to land space. After all, the stuff’s got to be grown somewhere, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar growing this will be a better revenue earner than anything food-producing.

    This is why green has to *start* with using more environmentally friendly products, like this, but *END* with wholesale livining and social changes.

    Sorry to shout .. I must need to stroke the cat or something :)

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