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  • ted

    the plastic we use now is toxic crap so whats the dif? i guess this stuff is 10 to 20 years away like a hydrogen economy.

  • Rebecca

    A tiny percent might very well be too much, as with many other dangerous substances.

  • http://www.mediapalette.com Cally Wolk

    Considering that there is an island of plastic twice the size of texas floating in the Pacific Ocean, there is no doubt we must find alternatives to petroleum-base plastic. The mud plastic and plastics produced from corn are going in the right direction…it’s the same old thing, us versus the petroleum conglomerate. Not supporting alternatives just exacerbates the status quo.

  • Major Blast

    It has been known for over 70 years that “plastics” can be made from a variety of organic materials, that are non-toxic, renewable and biodegradeable. Just as with alternative organic sources of energy, Sun, Wind, Hydrogen, etc. These proven technologies have been denied public usage by a careful plan of misinformation from the wealthly elite who want their cake, and want to eat it too. The only way to make more money from a product, is to make it scarce. Therefore, pollution of air, water, ground, etc., is a profit margin waiting for exploitation. Of course the main sacarcity that would generate the largest profit, would be food. Thus, the rise of genetically engineered plants and the planned demise of the honey bee.
    The NWO wants it all and unfortunately, are making dramatic progress. If we, the overwhelming majority, start standing up to be counted and make our voices heard, maybe the tide will turn in favor of reason, not profit, independence, not control, freedom, not salvery. For we are many, they are few………………………………………..