• http://twitter.com/growbotgarden Lady Rogue

    Thanks for the great writeup! I’d like to encourage anyone in the project to contact me directly … we’re all about community interaction.

    remove the spaces:
    lady rogue ATL at gmail

    • http://twitter.com/growbotgarden Lady Rogue

      groan! should say “anyone INTERESTED in the project”!

    • Dana

      Im very intrested in this project and have many ideas that could definetly use your expertise. Im researching and coordinating projects on verticle farming and community organic farming, but have little knowledge, just much ambition and hope. I would love to start a ‘neighborhood farming’ project and would love to work with you. Thank you for all you do, I only hope more people come around and realize all we have is time, but yet so little.

  • http://www.funnyfarmatl.com duane marcus

    I am looking forward to participating in this project. I have a much clearer understanding of the intent as a result of this interview. I am excited about the possibilities of incorporating technology to help our work here at the Funny Farm where these photos were taken by the way. As I get older these ideas might help make my job easier.
    Rock on Lady Rogue and thanks Becky for doing this interview.

    • http://glueandglitter.com/ Becky Striepe

      I’m looking forward to it too, Duane. Are you taking part in any of the summits?

      • http://happyfood-funnyfarm.blogspot.com/ leekfixer

        Yea Becky I’ll be there

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  • http://www.buildcheapsolarpanelsguide.com/ green diy energy guide

    Wow that is a great point, thanks for pointing that out! I’ll be back again soon, I hope to see some more great content in the future from you!

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