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    Borax is great for your laundry. You can add a tablespoon to your regular laundry soap and it will brighten and whiten your clothes. You can also use less detergent! A simple green tip that will save you dollars and soap.

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    I make my own HE laundry detergent using borax. It works great. Inexpensive too.

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    Wonderful and unbelievable, All should try and enjoy white n bright clothings.Take care! keep off from kids its a chemical too may be useful at times.

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    You Can Also Use Borax To Remove Mold In The Bathroom:

    You can use Borax and white vinegar to make a spray that you can aim directly at the mold in the tub or shower. Once you spray it , leave it to sit for 30-60 minutes and then go back in and wipe it off. Presto, the mold will start coming off and you did not have to inhale toxic chemicals to do so. Just mix about 2 ounces of Borax and a cup of white vinegar and you are ready to go. As a back up and a maintenance tip, you can also periodically spray the moldy “areas” with straight vinegar and just let it sit there and soak in. The vinegar will kill the mold that might be growing and it will halt the growth of new mold.

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    Great tips, you guys! Keep ‘em coming!

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    These are all great suggestions. I’ve been using ready-made green cleaners but will give this a try!

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    I’ve always been a bit freaked out about using Borax, I always thought it was a little too hardcore for everyday cleaning. I use it to clean my pipes… Mix up borax and water and poor it down the drains works a treat but never thought of using it on kitchen and bathrooms. Do you know if it’s safe on new faux stone bench tops?

    • http://www.greencleaningcoach.com Leslie, the cleaning coach

      Borax is a great product – mined in Death Valley, it’s the same product today as it was in the late 1800′s. A brightner & whitener – I wouldn’t eat it and the people at Borax recommend rinsing once you use it, but it is a life saver in my house! I wrote a book called The Joy of Green Cleaning and I use Borax in a lot of the recipes. You can check out some of my DIY videos at http://www.greencleaningcoach.com too. More ideas!

  • JB

    I use Borax for so many things! My favorite is using it in my trash can in the summer. Borax absorbs odors, so when the outdoor trash can starts to smell in the heat… I just sprinkle some Borax in. I’ll also use it to wash out inside trash cans.

  • Kim

    I use Borax to stop ants from entering my house. I sprinkle it around the foundation of my house when I’m not expecting rain for a few days. My door thresholds get a sprinkle, too. Works like a charm.

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    Wish we had more posts like this one. Props.

  • Kristi

    I use a mixture of equal parts salt, borax and baking soda to scrub my kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub and toilet. I pour it into the toilet after I flush to get the surface wet then dump in white vinegar and shut the lid for awhile. When I come back I scrub and flush. The salt acts as an abrasive to help scrub soap scum off in the bathtub. I use this mixture in sinks also and to keep the drains all flowing. Just dump in, follow with a vinegar “chaser” and boiling water. I keep it mixed in a bucket with a lid and a measuring cup in it…all ready to go! Been using this for years instead of the usual cleansers…I have asthma and was looking for something less harsh, though I take care not to breathe in the fumes anyway. I love this site!

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    say i wonder of leslie is seeing any one

  • Laura

    If you mix 3 parts borax and 1 part salt…sprinkle on carpet and leave alone for at least 20 hours (no pets or people) vacuum and fleas will be dead and gone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=720193727 Becky Striepe

      That sounds a lot like the flea treatment we just had done! The company we hired – Flea Busters – uses salt to dehydrate the fleas and their eggs. They also treated our crawlspace. We don’t have any carpet, and they said fleas can come up from underneath the house, especially if furry critters pass under there.

  • alternate city

    I read that BORAX mixed with white vinegar can be effective for cleaning
    such things as toilets. My question is, can Boric Acid be used instead
    of Borax?