• shabaz

    what a no info pap piece. would be better to tune up or repair your old mower and put off a needless purchase. probably would be best to buy a refurbished mower from the old guy who repairs them down the street. here is more info the green reviewer left out – 14″ cutting width, 45-60 min battery life. gee, not enough to get my front and back yard so now i’m mowing on saturday and sunday. don’t get rid of your gas mower either because your going to need it if your grass is damp or deep. for a green mower have you ever heard of a push mower cause this thing is not green. these people are selling cool not green and it’s despicable. it is not hard to search out real reviews of this mower from people who have actually used it, try it.

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  • lvnGrn

    While I am not as angry as Shabaz, I do have to say I question this mowers effectiveness. He is right it is difficult to find a real review of this, or a real review of anything these days.

    • Admin

      Thanks for the comments. We did not review this mower, this is just a feature of a product that we thought was interesting. At times we do physically review products, which we will indicate in the post.

  • http://www.atvurge.com/category/atv-accessories/mowers/ ATV Guy

    With the rising cost of gas, it may be worth looking into a mower like this.

  • shabazz

    with the rising cost of gas? it’s a lawn, i propose that you will pay $2.50 a gallon to mow your lawn or $10.00 a gallon to mow your lawn just as readily.

    I also propose that battery mowers are foolish. if you need a new mower and you want to go electric then just get a corded mower, they look stupid, but the cord allows for more powerful motor, wider cutting deck, and no interruptions for recharging batteries, much less toxic waste in the end.

  • John

    I just purchased a new neuton 5.3. The dealer was nice enough to take back my old 6 year old neuton. It still worked fine, but needed a new battery. I could have purchased a new battery for the old mower, but I opted for a new mower instead. I liked my old neuton much better than any of the many gas powered mowers I have had in the past. I’ll bet my neighbors appreciate how quietly it mows on Sundays, too!

  • http://www.mowpart.com/toroparts.php the toro parts guy

    Very interesting post. I am all about green and doing our best to return to a more natural way of living that causes less damage to the environment. In these transition times it’s easy to make a decision that ends up costing you more money and time. I think I’ll hold of on this one until there is more competition and more models to choose from.

  • Claude

    The Neuton looks good to me. They say it costs 10 cents to charge for a one hour mow. This sounds like a more than adequate amount of time for the medium sized yard (not estate) they recommend it for. Remember how the reel mowers suggest “for the well manicured yard”. Well, without the wink because the reel mower can give you a heart attack (the Neuton has a few reviews including video reviews out there), for the average, even seedy to average manicured, medium sized yard one charge should give you an EASY pleasant quiet and adequate experience. This is not a review of course, because it is a post from a guy who’s decided to go out and try one.